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Beneficiario de la subvención MDRTF: Proyecto SAGE, Keuka College. Nueva York.

Formas de Dar

Invierta hoy en una amplia gama de organizaciones y tenga un impacto global. Las donaciones recibidas se reinvierten a través de los programas de subvenciones globales. Todo, desde liderazgo y educación juvenil hasta investigación médica y desarrollo comunitario, los programas de subvenciones de la Fundación MDRT construyen familias y comunidades más fuertes en todo el mundo.


    Durante la Reunión Anual de MDRT. MDRT Global Conference y Top of the TableAnnual Meeting, la Fundación MDRT se asocia con una organización benéfica para recaudar fondos y crear conciencia sobre sus respectivas causas. En los últimos años, a través de generosas donaciones de los asistentes a la reunión, la Fundación MDRT ha otorgado subvenciones a socios benéficos para ayudar a aliviar la pobreza extrema, brindar educación, apoyar el liderazgo juvenil y muchas otras causas benéficas valiosas en todo el mundo.


    MDRT Gives Day es un evento de recaudación de fondos en línea de un día que une a la comunidad de MDRT para Give Back. Las inversiones de la comunidad MDRT beneficiarán directamente a los programas de subvenciones globales que son esenciales para financiar una amplia gama de programas caritativos en todo el mundo.

    MDRT Gives Day tendrá lugar el 6 de marzo de 2024.


    Considere hacer una contribución de fin de año para continuar el impacto del beneficio exclusivo para miembros de la Fundación MDRT, los programas de subvenciones globales.

    Apoyar a una amplia gama de organizaciones que mejoran la vida de muchas personas que necesitan apoyo.


    Including the MDRT Foundation in your will enables you to create a lasting legacy that will help people in need throughout the world for many years to come.

    • Bequests are fully deductible for estate tax purposes
    • Update an existing will by adding language or a codicil


    The Gift of Life Insurance Program provides a meaningful opportunity for you to have a significant philanthropic impact using the product that you sell and service: life insurance. Your gift will ensure the grant-making future of the Foundation while establishing your own legacy of charitable giving.

    • Use the carrier of your choice to gift an existing policy or a new policy with a face value of USD 50,000 or more
    • Identify additional charitable beneficiaries when you donate a policy in excess of USD 50,000
    • Receive charitable deductions for your gift based on the cash value of the policy and premiums*


    Global Gift Fund is a donor-advised service of the Renaissance Charitable Foundation and endorsed by the MDRT Foundation. Global Gift Fund is a charitable planning tool that allows donors to support charitable causes with a minimum initial contribution of USD 5,000. Your fund is designed by you for the purpose of supporting charitable causes that align with your family’s personal philanthropic goals.

    • Combine your charitable giving in a single, well-managed account
    • Give your fund your family name or choose another symbolic title
    • Receive an immediate tax deduction at the time of contributions to your fund
    • For more information, visit www.globalgiftfund.org


    Stocks and securities are a convenient way to support the life-changing work of the MDRT Foundation.

    • Obtain tax deductions for the fair market value of the stock on the day it is received by the MDRT Foundation
    • Minimize capital gains liability by contributing appreciated securities
    • Deduct up to 30 percent of your adjusted gross income in the year of your gift


    Naming the MDRT Foundation as a beneficiary of a charitable remainder trust can provide you with substantial financial and tax benefits while supporting the grant programs of the MDRT Foundation.

    • Choose from a variety of unitrusts
    • Take advantage of lifetime income, tax reductions, avoidance of capital gains and reduction of estate tax*

    *To the extent allowed by law.


    Gifts made to the MDRT Foundation help us improve the quality of life for those less fortunate throughout the world. You can support the MDRT Foundation while also sharing your passion for philanthropy with your clients and loved ones by making a gift in their honor or memory.

    When you a make a Tribute gift, the MDRT Foundation will send an acknowledgment card to the person honored (the amount of the Tribute gift is kept private).

    All Tribute gifts count toward your MDRT Foundation Knight status, and you will receive a letter for your tax purposes.


    Corporate Sponsorship helps us achieve our mission of building stronger families and communities worldwide by funding a diverse range of charitable causes. Signature recognition at the MDRT Annual Meeting includes logo placement and verbal recognition on Main Platform and logo recognition at the MDRT Foundation Booth. For more information about corporate sponsorship opportunities, contact MDRT Foundation Executive Director, Michele Stauff, at mstauff@mdrt.org


    The following companies support their agents’ charitable efforts by matching individual gifts made to the MDRT Foundation. We thank them for allowing us to promote their involvement. However, this list is not exhaustive. Thousands of dollars are received each year from other companies that also match gifts made to the MDRT Foundation. Please contact your home office to see if you can double the impact of your gift.

    Beneficial Life
    Guardian Life Insurance
    Massachusetts Mutual Life
    Thrivent Financial
    ValMark Securities


    MDRT members who are booked to speak at industry events can have their speaking fee directed to the MDRT Foundation to support its global grant programs.

    MDRT members who choose this option waive their speaking fee and an honor gift is sent to the Foundation in their name.

  • Donors from Australia and Canada can give to the MDRT Foundation through the following funds in order to receive tax-deductions within their country. Donors will receive donor recognition through the MDRT Foundation (“knight credit”) as well.

2023 Corporate Sponsors

We are grateful for the generosity of corporate sponsors which allows us to expand the global charitable impact of MDRT and our industry.

Platino USD 100,000+
  • MDRT logo
Oro USD 50.000
  • Nation wide logo
  • Prudential logo
Plata USD 25.000
  • IDC Worldsource
  • Mass Mutual logo
  • PanAmerican logo
Nuestros Valiosos Donantes

Nuestros Valiosos Donantes

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