The MDRT Foundation’s grant programs provide hope and opportunity for countless children, individuals and families in need around the globe. Life-changing grants fund a diverse range of charitable programs, including but not limited to those that serve at-risk youth, the homeless, people with disabilities and the elderly.

What all of our grant recipients have in common is a connection to a current member of MDRT. As the charitable extension/arm of the Million Dollar Round Table, a global association of life insurance and financial services professionals, the MDRT Foundation’s grant program is exclusive to charities that are connected to the MDRT membership.

The MDRT Foundation prioritizes funding projects that address a societal need or a vulnerable population over cultural or historical non-profits.

Examples of recent projects funded by the MDRT Foundation:

  • Programs for youth, senior citizens or at-risk groups
  • Emergency assistance services such as food, shelter, or healthcare.
  • Services for people with disabilities and mental health services (including alcohol and drug dependency programs).

Award size is typically based on the scope of the program’s impact: programs that impact one community or region typically received between USD $1,000 -$5,000; programs that expand throughout a nation or multiple countries typically receive USD 10,000 – $25,000.

Preview the Worldwide Grant application process.

Preview the Quality of Life Grant application process.

For the MDRT Member:

  1. Determine which grant program is the best fit. Contact a representative at the charity to complete the on-line application process. You’ll need to give them your name, email, and MDRT ID number to begin the application process.
  2. Write a Letter of Recommendation and send it to the charity representative to submit with the grant application.

NOTE: The charity representative should log on to the online grants portal to facilitate the application process, not the member.

For the Charity Representative:

  1. Log on to the Grants Management System. Create username, password, and profile for your organization.
  2. Complete and submit the Letter of Inquiry (LOI). This is a short form of questions about your organization, the endorsing MDRT member, and the project for which you’re seeking funding. This will determine your eligibility for a full proposal, without having to complete the full proposal.
  3. Within two weeks, you will receive an email with instructions to log back into the Grants Management System to complete application, or be notified that you are not eligible to submit an application.
  4. Complete and submit the Application. Contact your MDRT member sponsor to receive their Letter of Recommendation. The application must be completed by September 1.

Begin the LOI process. You’ll begin by creating a new account.

NOTE: this is a new grants management system, so all 2019/20 applicants must create a new account – regardless of whether they previously have applied for an MDRT Foundation grant.