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The MDRT Foundation gives to charitable organizations worldwide, demonstrating the generosity, service and impact of MDRT members.


To empower MDRT members to make a difference in their communities around the world.


To engage all members through global reach and local impact, the MDRT Foundation must...

  • Lead with love, hope and the joy of giving
  • Embrace and uphold inclusivity
  • Foster connection, empowerment and service
  • Steward all gifts with care, diligence and wisdom
About Us

About Us

As the charitable arm of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) www.mdrt.org, the MDRT Foundation represents the charitable interests of this elite, global membership of financial advisors. The Foundation is committed to supporting charities and issues that MDRT members care about. To that end, all funding awarded to charitable organizations by the MDRT Foundation has a connection to a member of MDRT. Reflecting the diverse interests of MDRT members, the Foundation funds a wide range of charities and social service programs, including programs directed at children in need, education, job training, food insecurity, health and wellness, mental health, and poverty alleviation.



In 1956, MDRT President, Arthur F. Priebe, CLU, directed a corporate gift made in his honorto support support philanthropic effort in hiscommunity. This led to the creation of the MDRT Foundation in 1959, established as a not-for-profit charitable organization based in Illinois, United States. During the next 10 years, MDRT members pooled their resourcesand developed an infrastructureto strengthen this new founded charitable organization. Thanks to the generosity of individual and corporate donors, the talents of an extensive volunteer network, and the support of MDRT, today the MDRT Foundation offers a robust grants program to support the charitable efforts of MDRT members worldwide.

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USD 40 million awarded to life-changing charitable organizations worldwide since 1959
Encompass Early Education and Care
Worldwide Education Fund
Tangled Feet Theatre Company
Cycling Without Age Singapore
Soaring Spirits International

Encompass Early Education and Care

2023 Global Grant awarded: USD 50,000

“I was 2 and hadn’t said a word yet,” said Laura K.G. Mossakowski, CFP. “After a month or two at Encompass Early Education, I was talking in complete sentences.”

Mossakowski’s mom had recently moved the 18-year MDRT member from Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA, and her three siblings from Milwaukee to Green Bay — a little more than 100 miles away — to leave an abusive marriage for a more supportive environment. At Encompass, Mossakowski and her brother quickly began attending day care full time and benefitted from its programs.

Encompass serves more than 1,200 kids across seven child care facilities. The money from the MDRT Foundation grant will fund and expand Encompass’ weekend food packs program for kids.

Encompass Early Education and Care

In 2022

USD 1.7 million awarded in charitable grants impacting 36 countries.

  • North America: 57%
  • Asia: 25%
  • Africa: 9%
  • Central/South America: 5%
  • Europe: 3%
  • Australia: less than 1%

Area of Focus

As the charitable arm of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), the premier association of financial services professionals, the MDRT Foundation reflects the caring and sharing spirit of its global membership.

  • Human services 23%
  • Health & Wellness 16%
  • Education & Training 15%
  • Animals & Environment 2%
  • Children’s causes 20%
  • Arts 1%
  • Food Insecurity 4%
  • Mental Health 4%
  • Seniors 5%
  • Persons with Disabilities 10%
Allocation of Funds

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