Excalibur Society

We are grateful for the generosity of our donors, who enable us to continue to help children and communities worldwide. These donor connections are vital to our grant programs.

  • Gold and diamond Excalibur lapel pin (5 diamonds)
  • Choice of Excalibur Society recognition gift (sword plaque, crystal bowl, clock)
  • Preferred Main Platform seating during the MDRT Annual Meeting and MDRT Global Conference
  • Ribbon to wear at MDRT Annual Meeting and MDRT Global Conference
  • Recognition at MDRT Foundation booth at MDRT Annual Meeting and MDRT Global Conference
  • Grant of USD 2,000 to a qualifying charitable organization upon achieving Royal Order knight level, if also a member of the Inner Circle Society.
  • Name and photo on Foundation website and Annual Report
  • Name listed in MDRT Foundation’s Annual Report (if current donor)
  • Name listed on Donor Wall at MDRT headquarters
  • Invitation to exclusive Excalibur Reception at the MDRT Annual Meeting
  • The Society, quarterly e-newsletter exclusive to MDRT Foundation major donors
  • Deceased
  • Adrian P. Baker

    Adrian P. Baker,

  • Joyce P. Baker

    Joyce P. Baker,

  • Timothy Daniel Clairmont

    Timothy Daniel Clairmont,

  • Frank A. Creaghan

    Frank A. Creaghan,

  • Maria Ferrante-Schepis

    Maria Ferrante-Schepis,

  • Alessandro M. Forte

    Alessandro M. Forte,

  • Alphonso B. Franco

    Alphonso B. Franco,

  • Richard L. Haas

    Richard L. Haas

  • Mark J. Hanna

    Mark J. Hanna,

    CLU, ChFC
  • Gene L. Mahn

    Gene L. Mahn,

    CLU, ChFC
  • John F. Nichols

    John F. Nichols,

    MSM, CLU
  • Douglas R. Peete

    Douglas R. Peete,

    ChFC, AIF