Litter of light

Lighting the way in 2022 at the MDRT Annual Meeting and MDRT Global Conference: Liter of Light

For nearly one billion people in the world, the only safe and reliable source of light is the sun.

It is estimated that 1 in 10 people around the world lack access to electricity and live in darkness once the sun sets. Often, people in rural communities travel hours to get a drum of kerosene, which is very expensive, toxic and dangerous.

Rather than spending their time and resources on kerosene, Liter of Light provides individuals with training to create sustainable lights for their communities. Liter of Light has offices in the Philippines, Italy and the U.S., and operates in 32 countries, including Senegal, India, Vietnam and Mexico.

Liter of Light was the MDRT Foundation charity partner for both the MDRT Annual Meeting and MDRT Global Conference in 2022. From Main Platform, founder Illac Diaz and Ami Valdemoro shared their inspiring story of lighting up the world.

Across the two meetings, 844 members supported the fundraising campaign, resulting in USD 150,000 awarded to Liter of Light.

Additionally, 250 members volunteered for a service project and built 600 solar lights, which were donated to indigenous, farming and fishing communities in Luzon, Philippines. Each solar light took about 30 minutes to build yet will provide light for five years. See the impact MDRT’s lights have made.