MDRT Annual Meeting and Global Conference: 2019 Charity Partner

by MDRT Foundation Staff

World hunger is a complex problem. But it is solvable. The solution lies in the very people living in conditions of hunger and poverty worldwide. It is these women and men who will play leading roles in the end of hunger, and The Hunger Project has been committed to galvanizing these leaders since 1977.

Local leaders for the end of hunger know that together, great things are possible. Which is why the MDRT Foundation and The Hunger Project are proud to announce a partnership to raise resources for pioneering strategies to end hunger and poverty — strategies that focus on investing in the catalytic power of people.

This charity partnership provides an enormous opportunity for The Hunger Project to amplify the impact of the 16 million participating in hunger-ending community empowerment programs throughout Africa, South Asia and Latin America. Every additional opportunity to engage in Hunger Project trainings is an opportunity for a person to move from “I can’t” to “I can” — to envision and realize the full potential of their life after hunger.“Empowered, our community partners can, will and do come up with innovative, practical and long-lasting solutions to the issues they face. They ignite a brilliant torch for all of us regarding what it means to be human,” said Cathy Burke, who is representing The Hunger Project as their global ambassador at the MDRT meetings along with key Hunger Project staff.