Just Small Change

by Andrew William Maher

Just Small Change is a charitable organization based in England that utilizes microfinance to help individuals in developing counties create small businesses to help forge a way out of poverty. Their project operates in Kisumu, Kenya. This region had been deeply impacted by HIV/AIDS, with Kisumu having the third-highest rate of HIV infection in Kenya.

Founded in April 2011, Just Small Change is driven exclusively by volunteers. With no paid staff or marketing budget, the program relies on committed volunteers and donors to drive their mission. MDRT member Andrew William Maher is one such volunteer, having been a trustee since the program’s inception.

Just Small Change recognizes that microfinance provides a viable solution to systemic poverty. By providing clients with practical business training, modest loans and ongoing mentoring programs, they are building a sustainable pathway out of poverty. As business loans are repaid, the capital becomes available to other clients, thus perpetuating the cycle of opportunity through entrepreneurship. Recognizing that many of their clients have had limited formal education, the training programs utilize games and roleplays that are accessible to all.

In 2017, the MDRT Foundation awarded Just Small Change with a USD 3,600 Worldwide grant.