Grant Application Review Process

Apply for a grant in six easy steps

The MDRT Foundation is a unique member benefit that, through its global grant programs, allows you to request funding for a charity you care about. MDRT grant sponsors can also position themselves as philanthropic leaders in their community. The annual grant application deadline is September 1. If you have additional questions, please contact Angela Allegretti, program assistant, at

Step 1:

Choose a charity, and review the grant application overview and eligibility requirements.

Review the eligibility guidelines to confirm your charity is eligible for grant funding.


Step 2:

Identify the appropriate grant program.

There are two primary grant programs: Quality of Life and Worldwide.

Quality of Life recognizes the volunteer efforts of MDRT members actively involved with the applying organization. MDRT members do not have to be a volunteer for the charity when applying for a Worldwide grant.

Step 3:

Contact your charity.

You should work closely with your charity to complete the online application. The charity's staff will be familiar with the grant writing process and should complete the online application.

Step 4:

Create an online profile on the MDRT Foundation website.

All applications must be completed online. MDRT members must first register online by creating a username and password. You should share your login information with the charity's staff.

Step 5:

Write your MDRT member endorsement letter.

All Worldwide grant applications must include an endorsement letter from the MDRT member explaining why the organization should receive funding from the Foundation. All Quality of Life applications must include an endorsement letter, written by either the member or the charity, detailing the member's volunteer involvement with the charity. This letter should be uploaded as part of the online grant application.

Step 6:

The charity completes the online application and compiles the required attachments.

The online application requires detailed background on the charity, as well as supporting documents, including the MDRT member endorsement letter. The application can be saved and completed over time by logging back into the grant application profile.