MDRT Foundation Phonathon

2017 Phonathon Team _INDY

MDRT Foundation 2017 Phonathon MDRT member volunteers (Back row from left to right): Michael J. McNeil, CLU, ChFC, Meila A. McKitty Plummer, LUTCF, FSS, David C. Blake, Heather Lindsley, LUTCF, RICP, Robert L. Belvedere, CFBS, LUTCF, Thomas R. Mccoy, CLTC, James J. Silbernagel, LUTCF, CFP, Robert Joki, CLU, ChFC, John A. Shumski, RFC, LUTCF, Brent R. Kimball, CFP, ChFC, Brad J. Myers, Mark L. Begley, CLU, ChFC, (Front row from left to right): Meredith G. Langus, FSCP, LUTCF, Theodore S. Rusinoff, CFP, Edwin W. Thauer, CLU, ChFC, Yolie Aleman-Rodriguez, Gilbert A. Haggart, CLU, LUTCF, Lawrence F. Kolasa, CLU, ChFC (n/a)

The MDRT Foundation Phonathon continues to be a vital part of the Foundation’s annual fundraising. During this two-day event, held on February 26 and 27, eighteen committed MDRT members collectively made hundreds of calls and of that, 651 donors answered the call. Together they raised USD 363,000 in support of the global grant programs.
The MDRT Foundation has a nearly 60-year history of empowering members to be philanthropic leaders in their own communities and internationally, and has successfully contributed more than USD 32 million to organizations in 70 countries across 6 continents.
If you have questions or wish to be a caller for this event, please reach out to Caryn Henning at for more information.
Grant applications will be available for submission on April 30th for the FY2019 funding cycle. Deadline is September 1, 2018.
Thank you!