Frequently Asked Questions

2017 MDRT Top of the Table Annual Meeting Charity Partner - Inner-City Arts, Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • When is the deadline date to complete my application?

    The MDRT Foundation’s grant deadline is September 1st.

  • What is the difference between the Worldwide and Quality of Life applications? How do I know which one to apply for?

    The MDRT Foundation has two global grant programs that vary in regards to member involvement:

    Worldwide Grant Program – The MDRT member is familiar with the charity and their programs and feels the charity deserves a grant to help fund a specific project.

    Quality of Life Grant Program – The MDRT member is actively involved with the charity through volunteerism and/or leadership.

  • Do I need to know an MDRT member in order to apply for a grant?

    Yes, you must have an MDRT member sponsor your charity in order to apply for a grant. The global grant programs is an exclusive MDRT member benefit  Applications without member affiliation will not be accepted.

  • When are the grants awarded?

    With a September 1 grant application deadline, awardees are announced in February of the following year and funds are distributed thereafter.

  • How much are the grant awards?

    The Worldwide grant awards range from USD 1,000 to USD 25,000.

    There are 30 Quality of Life grants awarded each year.  The breakdown is as follows:

    • There will be one top Quality of Life grant awarded each year in the amount of USD 50,000; two Quality of Life grants awarded at USD 25,000 and three Quality of Life grants awarded at USD 10,000.  These top 6 awardees are encouraged to attend the MDRT Annual Meeting, it is there when the top Quality of Life grant awardee is announced on Main Platform.
    • There are 24 additional Quality of Life grant awards are in the amount of  USD 5,000.
  • Can you give me an MDRT member’s name/information to use to apply for a grant?

    No, the MDRT Foundation is unable to provide contact information of any of our members.

  • How can I find an MDRT member to sponsor my grant?

    There are over 65,000 MDRT members based all over the world, therefore, there are few ways you may be able to locate an MDRT member:

    • Check with your charity’s current board members to see if one of them may be an MDRT member or know someone who is an MDRT member
    • Check with the insurance and/or financial companies that your charity works with. Ask if anyone who works there is an MDRT member.
    • Check with other charities to see if they know of an MDRT member.
  • How often can my charity/organization apply for a grant from MDRT Foundation?

    The MDRT Foundation does not award the same member or charity with consecutive year grants. Both the member sponsor and a charity must wait a year after receiving a grant before applying again to the MDRT Foundation. Currently, there are no lifetime award caps for either members or charities.

  • How can I/my charity become a member of MDRT?

    MDRT is an association of the world’s leading life insurance and financial services professionals. There are production-based eligibility requirements for membership in MDRT. For more information, visit

  • How do I become an MDRT Foundation Knight?

    Knight levels are based on a donor’s lifetime giving to the MDRT Foundation.  Giving totals include gifts, matching gifts, speaker fees and expenses donated back to the MDRT Foundation.