Donor Recognition

Pencils of Promise
Pencils of Promise
Charitable Giving

Philanthropic Leaders

We are grateful for the generosity of our donors, who enable us to help children and communities worldwide. These donor connections are vital to the success of the global grant programs.

Lifetime Donations of USD 2,000+
Lifetime Donations of USD 2,000+

Donor Levels

Foundation supporters are recognized as philanthropic leaders within the industry and their community. When a donor makes Knight status, these are the Foundation’s most loyal supporters, and upon achievement and advancement within the levels, one receives the following:

  • Knight ribbon to be worn at the MDRT Annual Meeting
  • Letter and Certificate announcing Knight level
  • Name listed in the Foundation’s Annual Report (for current donors)
  • Additional recognition opportunities upon obtaining Excalibur Society level
  • Royal Order Excalibur KnightUSD 250,000
  • Legion of Honor Excalibur KnightUSD 100,000
  • Excalibur KnightUSD 50,000
  • Platinum KnightUSD 25,000
  • Diamond KnightUSD 10,000
  • Gold KnightUSD 5,000
  • Silver KnightUSD 3,000
  • Bronze KnightUSD 2,000
MDRT Annual Meeting
Lifetime Gifts of USD 50,000+

Excalibur Society

The MDRT Foundation created Knight Donor levels to recognize the generous support from MDRT members. Each donor level recognizes a significant personal achievement in charitable giving that supports a diverse range of charitable causes worldwide. MDRT Foundation Knights are recognized in MDRT publications, on the MDRT Foundation’s website and receive a ribbon to wear during the MDRT Annual Meeting.

MDRT Foundation Knights
Annual Gifts of USD 5,000+

Inner Circle Society

The Inner Circle Society was established in 2002 to recognize donors who make significant annual contributions, at least USD 5,000, to the MDRT Foundation.

More on the Inner Circle Society
Inner Circle Society
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