About Us

The mission of the MDRT Foundation is to increase member and industry participation and to give funds to worthwhile charitable organizations throughout the world.

Vision: To be the premier charitable foundation involving all members and improving the quality of life for those in need. 
Through generous support from MDRT members and industry partners, the MDRT Foundation's global grant programs fund nonprofit organizations that build stronger families and communities worldwide. Each charity supported by the grant programs is sponsored by an MDRT member; a committee of MDRT members chooses annual grant recipients.
The MDRT Foundation is also a meaningful way for MDRT members to engage and network at charitable events that give back to people in need. MDRT members can volunteer to participate in Phonathon fundraising events and community service projects.


“MDRT is what we do ... the MDRT Foundation is who we are.”

Allen R. Bruce, CLU, CHFC

2002 MDRT Foundation President and Excalibur Knight