Top of the Table Annual Meeting Charity

The MDRT Top of the Table Annual Meeting provides an educational meeting for members who have attained the highest level of MDRT membership. During the four-day meeting, about 40 professional, nonmember and Top of the Table member speakers discuss subjects of concern to those in the life insurance and financial services industry. The MDRT Foundation partners with a charitable organization that is featured during programming of this meeting.

 2014 Charity Partner: charity: water


During the 2014 Top of the Table Annual Meeting, September 17 –20, in San Francisco, California, USA, the MDRT Foundation is partnering with Charity: Water, a nonprofit organization that builds wells to provide clean water for people in impoverished communities worldwide.

The MDRT Foundation will award a grant to Charity: Water, and is encouraging all TOT Annual Meeting attendees to donate USD 200 or more. Donations will be used to fund Charity: Water’s mission of providing safe and clean water for children and individuals in need.