Twice a year, approximately 25 MDRT members come together for two days to make phone calls to raise funds for the Foundation’s grant programs. Phonathons are a fun way to embrace MDRT’s spirit of camaraderie while raising vital funds to ensure the grant-making future of the Foundation. Phonathons are held in the Fall and Spring each year.

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What impact will your Phonathon gift have?

When you make a gift during the Phonathon, your gift is pooled together with gifts from fellow MDRT members to make a lasting impact by supporting community grants in the United States and worldwide. On behalf of all of the children and families who will benefit from your generosity, thank you for making a world of difference.

  • $100 provides a wheelchair for a child or adult with disabilities in impoverished communities.
  • $150 provides a goat for improved nutrition and family income opportunities in developing countries.
  • $500 provides one week of emergency shelter serves for a woman and her children affected by domestic violence in California.
  • $500 sends a child who has lost a parent or loved one to a grief therapy camp in New Jersey.
  • $1,000 funds a drug education and prevention program for high school students.
  • $1,500 supports low-income entrepreneurs in developing micro businesses in New York.
  • $2,500 provides financial planning for 100 high school students from low-income families in Illinois.
  • $5,000 provides an accessible playground for children with disabilities in Iowa.

Do I need to pay my own way to travel to the Phonathon?

No. All travel expenses incurred as part of your participation (i.e., hotel, meals, airfare) are paid for or reimbursed. Additional information on how to make travel arrangements you are sent in a confirmation packet after we receive your fax response form.

How long should I plan on staying for the Phonathon?

The Phonathon lasts from Sunday through the evening of Tuesday. New callers will be required to attend orientation on Sunday. If needed, the MDRT Foundation is more than happy to make overnight arrangements for you on Tuesday night.

When do I need to make my travel arrangements?

After you receive your official confirmation of participation from MDRT Headquarters.

How will I know what to do?

There will be a mandatory 90-minute orientation session on Sunday for all new callers. During this session, you will learn essential Phonathon techniques and procedures to follow when making your calls. All callers will receive pre-calling Phonathon training materials to help improve their fundraising techniques.

Do I need to bring my own names to contact?

No. The MDRT Foundation will provide you with detailed information on the individuals to be contacted. Additionally, each confirmed caller will have the opportunity to request 30 MDRT members that they would like to be added to their specific caller book. (This list of names will be requested at a later date.)